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Battlefield 1 DLC to include aerial-only battles plus more

DICE and EA have shared more of what the upcoming ‘Apocalypse’ DLC will entail, and it’s good news if you are into flying high and getting into dogfights. The expansion is set to arrive in February, and it’s highlight is the new Air Assault mode where dogfights and airships rule. As a first time thing, it includes two air-only maps; London Calling and Razor’s Edge. The expansion can be said to be similar to the Starfighter Assault mode in Battlefront II — it wants to cater to those players that jump into vehicles at every given opportunity.

The add-on also introduces a counter to those aircraft in conventional game modes, the AA rocket gun. There is also an addition of a host of new maps based around world war I’s larger battles including Passchendaele, the Somme and Caporetto. And to top it all of, six new guns along with two new aircraft are being introduced in the DLC.

You’re going to need the Premium Pass to see what Apocalypse entails. That might be a let down to quite a few as previous Battlefield 1 extras have been available for free, but this is by no means a small addition. If you play regularly and thought that things were getting a bit boring, this could keep things fresh for a while.



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