Second Battlefield Hardline Beta Inbound

Didn’t catch the first beta for “Battlefield Hardline”, and wish you had? Here’s your chance to try it out, but this time, with much more to offer. The Battlefield Hardline’s second beta is releasing to all platforms, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Ps3, Ps4, and PC, this fall. Make sure to look out for it, you wouldn’t want to miss this one!

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Second Battlefield Hardline Beta Incoming

When thanking those of the people who played the beta, Steve Papoutsis announced that there will be a second beta for Battlefield Hardline. Stating that the first beta was to get early feedback from the players, he said “We’re listening to it, we’re acting on it and it’s going to make Hardline a better game when we launch in October.”

He also said that in the months ahead, they will be revealing  the new way of how they are presenting the campaign; comparing it to watching your favorite TV shows. As for the multiplayer, he said “We have plenty of new modes in the game that really play off the cop and criminal theme, as well as the return of fan-favorites. The variety of the maps is also something that Battlefield fans have never experienced before, from subterranean grow labs to the streets of Miami, complete with all the vibe and flavor that city has to offer.”  

With all this said, I will definitely be anxiously waiting for the second beta to launch. I just hope they will actually be using our feedback from the first beta and improving the game with it like they said. Hopefully, the second beta will show us some of the new things Hardline has to offer, it seems as though many Battlefield fans are angered by the first beta, claiming it to being too similar to Battlefield 4.

SOURCE: Battlefield Blogs


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