BitFenix Shinobi Window Gaming Case Review

Close Look at the Case (Exterior):

BitFenix has gone with a very elegant but minimalistic approach for Shinobi’s design. The mesh strips run from top to the front of the case and add some interest to the otherwise plain design. They also provide space for air that is sucked by the front panel fan. The matte black SofTouch surface is a very an intriguing addition, it feels really good to touch (a colleague says it’s seductive). Front of the case is plain and simple expect the mesh strips and BitFenix logo with brushed aluminium finish. Shinobi has three 5.25” drive bays at front.

Left side panel has a smoked acrylic window with a 120mm fan slot. It’s a nice feature to have but I never used it or found it useful. Although it can be useful if you have a couple of graphics card stacked onto each other but that wouldn’t really happen in Shinobi since it’s a budget oriented case. Right side panel is plain sheet of painted steel, nothing to talk about on that side.

BitFenix Shinobi has usual things on the back; motherboard I/O cut-out, 120mm fan slot (with optional 92mm fan holes), seven PCI expansion slots and a PSU slot at the bottom. One nice feature added by BitFenix, that we don’t see often on budget oriented cases, is the watercooling tubing management holes. If you ever want to go that route, there wouldn’t be much space inside the case to mount a radiator; you can always mount it outside the case and run the tubing through these holes.

There isn’t anything extra ordinary in terms of front panel I/O. Shinobi has four USB 2.0 ports, headphone and microphone jack along with power, reset buttons and indication LEDs. There is a big mesh panel when we move to the back part; this hides the two 120mm/140mm fan slots.

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