BitFenix Shinobi Window Gaming Case Review

Close Look at the Case (Interior):

Opening the side panels reveal a beautiful black interior with lots of cable management holes, completely tool-less design, a number of cooling options and a large CPU cooler retention cut-out.

Let’s start with cooling options of the case; Shinobi has two 120mm fan slots at front (one fan comes pre-installed), two 120mm/140mm fan slots at top, one 120mm/92mm fan slot at back side (a 120mm fan comes pre-installed) and one 120mm fan slot at bottom right next to the PSU area. All the intake fans (front and bottom including PSU fan opening) come with washable dust filters.

Top and front plastic panel can be easily pulled off. They are required to be removed to install fans. By the way, this is how a naked Shinobi looks like.

In terms of storage options, it comes with space for eight 3.5” drive bays and three 5.25” drive bays as we mentioned earlier. There is an adaptor in one of the 5.25” bays which can be used to mount 2.5” SSD; it can be moved to your desired location in any of the three bays.

Looking at the motherboard area, first thing you’ll notice is the cable management holes, Shinobi has plenty of them. Shinobi can take mini-ATX, mATX and ATX form factor motherboards and with either of these cable management shouldn’t be a problem. It has seven PCI expansion slots and it can take longest of the video cards; there is over 12 inches of space for expansion cards depending on where you mount your hard drive.

Moving to the back side of the motherboard tray, there isn’t much to talk about except plenty of distance between motherboard tray and side panel for extra cables.

Front panel cables include two USB 2.0 cable, one HD audio cable and usual power, reset, power LED and HDD LED cables.

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