4 ways businesses can make money using Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO has been around for about 1 week now and its already changing a lot of things. It added $7.8 billion to its parent company’s value in only two days, it is now installed on about 5% of total Android devices in US, it gets more daily users than Twitter and last but not the least, its more engaging than Snapchat. But that’s just about the game itself. Business owners are also leveraging the uniqueness of the game to lure more customers.

Here are some ways about how you can also attract more customers to your business using Pokemon GO.

1. “Lure” people to your business

There is something called “Lure” in the Pokemon GO. It basically attracts more Pokemons to the place you set this Lure on for the next 30 minutes. And the best thing is that it only costs $1 (about Rs 100). So if you have a restaurant, a gas station, gym or even a small cafe, you can spend $1 and for the next 30 minutes, your footfall will increase considerably. However, there is one little caveat of lures, it can only be set on places near a Pokestop so if your business happens to be near a Pokestop, this is the cheapest and easiest way of marketing. Don’t worry, if your business is not near a Pokestop, there’s a way to get Pokestop near you (See the next point).

Furthermore, you can spend $1 to test it out for first time and if it works for you, for $100 you can get 14,500 pokecoins which can also be used to buy lures. This way a lure would cost you only about $0.59. That means $100 will get you 170 lures and about 85 hours of footfall. If you open your business for about 12 hours every day, that’s about 7 days worth of improved traffic for you.

2. Setup a Gym or Pokestop at your business

Niantic now lets users request for Pokestops and Gyms to be setup at any business or monument. So if you don’t have a Gym or Pokestop near you, you can easily request for one to be made at your place. We have compiled a little guide explaining how you can request for a Gym or Pokestop to be at any place of your choice.

Once, the Pokestop or Gym is set at your business place, the footfall will automatically increase because every Pokemon GO player has to visit Gym or Pokestop at some point. And on top of that, you can use Lures to increase the footfall even more (See previous point for that).

3. Pick a team and offer discounts

There are three teams in Pokemon GO – Instinct (Yellow), Mystic (Blue) and Valor (Red). Every user have to pick a team at the start of the game. What business owners can do is  pick a team for a day and offer discounts to anyone belonging to that team. For example, “10% off tonight, exclusively for Team Yellow.” Then you can post this offer on your social media to attract more people belonging to Team Yellow. You can also switch up the offer next day to Team Blue and keep rotating between teams everyday.

4. Create excitement about Pokemon GO on your social media pages

If you are a Pokemon GO player yourself, you can create excitement about Pokemon GO using screenshots about having found rare Pokemons at your business. People will not only like to interact with a fellow Pokemon player who happens to own a cafe or food shop but they will also swing by your place to find some Pokemons themselves.

Pokemon GO is starting a new era of location based and augmented reality advertising. Makers of the game have already struck a deal with McDonalds to turn the fast food chain into Gyms and Pokestops.

Please do share if you have any ideas about using Pokemon GO to advertise your business.


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