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Club3D GeForce GTX 670 royalQueen Review

Club3D GeForce GTX 670 royalQueen

Price Reference:

  • Good performance
  • Low power consumption
  • Decent overclocking ability
  • Support for CUDA and PhysX
  • Good price
  • Low noise output
  • Club3D could have used a better cooler
  • Memory not cooled

Looking at both marketing slides and launch prices, one can easily notice that the GeForce GTX 670 is originally destined to take down the Radeon HD 7950. However, looking at the benchmarks reveals that it more closer to the HD 7970 in terms of performance than the HD 7950. Basically, GTX 670’s performance graph deviates from HD 7950’s level to HD 7970 depending on the game and resolution. On high resolutions, the HD 7950 seems to have a slight edge due to its 3GB memory.

Due to all this, the GTX 670 has been a more popular product among performance-oriented buyers. And on top of everything, the HD 7950, like other AMD cards, is hungrier for power and produces more noise. However, AMD has cleverly decreased prices of HD 7950 to make it more competitive against the GTX 670. They also launched HD 7970 GHz edition to maintain a considerable gap from GTX 670 and get closer to GTX 680 in terms of performance. In current market situation, one can buy reference GTX 670 for around $360; the HD 7950 costs around $60 less while the HD 7970 GHz costs around $80 more. This has given some open space to GTX 670 and it isn’t affecting HD 7950 or HD 7970 sale by much.

All in all, even after one year of launch and some clever strategies by AMD, the GTX 670 still holds a strong position in its price segment. Despite the HD 7950 being around $60 cheaper, I would still prefer GTX 670 as it’s faster in more games; it consumes less power and produces less noise. However, I would highly recommend any gamer to look at performance numbers of both these cards and the HD 7970 in the selected games that you plan to play and select the one that offers maximum price/performance ratio and falls in your budget.


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