ComScore: Apple number 1 phone company, Android number 1 OS in the US

Every now and then ComScore comes up with interesting facts and figures regarding the phone landscape in the USA. USA is one of the most important markets for any phone company out there. If you have the US market cracked, then you’re in a comfortable position regardless of how poorly you may be doing else where. Just ask Microsoft what it wouldn’t give to get into the good graces of the US customers when it comes to Windows Phone. ComScore has once again posted the latest figures (up till May 2014) highlighting the market share of the top phone companies, as well we mobile operating systems.


Apple remains at number 1 in the list of top phone manufacturers. The iPhone maker enjoys a healthy 41.9% market share, which is actually up by 0.6% in February 2014. At a distant second place is Samsung with 27.8% market share. The Korean giant too saw its market share go up by 0.8% in the past 3 months. At number 3 is LG with just 6.5% share, which is down from 6.8% share in February 2014. Motorola and HTC are at number 4 and 5 on the list respectively, with HTC loosing a small 0.3%.

When it comes to mobile operating systems, Android is unsurprisingly at number 1 with a healthy 52.1% share. However iOS is not too far behind with 41.9% share, which actually went up by 0.6% while Android remained still. Commanding over 90% of the phone OS market, Android and iOS don’t really leave much for competitors. Microsoft is at number 3, however it holds a paltry 3.4% share, which consists of both Windows Phone and Windows Mobile. BlackBerry saw its share slump from 2.9% to 2.3%.

Source: ComScore


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