Corsair relating its Gaming peripherals to “Tramp Stamps”; Gamers are furious

What was Corsair thinking? The creative department at the company has made a major blunder which might impact its overall image in the gaming industry. A brand which was once considered élite and prestigious is now being linked to prostitutes and hookers. Yes! you heard it right. Corsair’s new gaming peripherals logo is a repetition of what people call a “Tramp Stamp”. A “Tramp Stamp” is a tattoo at the back of woman on her shoulders also called Wings. Its extremely embarrassing for such a reputable company to be linked with such non-sense. The fans are so enraged that they have started a petition asking Corsair to change the logo.

Corsair Tramp Stamp Logo _1

Corsair’s new Gaming logo is similar to a “Tamp Stamp”; Gamers start a petition & someone might lose their job

How do you overcome such an embarrassing situation? Easy way out fire anyone who was responsible for the logo design especially the one who approved it. The petition has already started on for bringing back the old logo stating:

This is important because as consumers we demand a sleek looking product. The new Corsair Gaming logo does not fit with that description. When I see the Corsair logo I think of the premium and professional products Corsair has made that I and many consumers have come to enjoy. The new “Corsair Gaming” logo does not reflect the attitude of a premium and professional Corsair. Instead it resonates with a childish video gaming vibe (not to confuse it with PC gaming).

The petition needs a total of 7500 signatures and the fans have managed to get 6301 at the time of writing. It won’t be long till the target is achieved  but will Corsair oblige their request? In my opinion they have to if they want to keep the brand alive. Below are some of the fans’ reactions discovered by Kotaku:

Even my girlfriend said it looked like a butterfly with a heart in the middle. She also threw the word ‘cute’ in there to add insult to injury. Like a bad tramp stamp, we then talked about ways to cover it up.


One of the reasons I by corsair products is that they have a very sleek design while still keeping some of the cool looking ‘gaming’ designs. The new logo is not sleek. It looks more like something you would find on a very cheap led lit case instead of a corsair keyboard.


I just don’t think Corsair really knows who their demographic really is. Or perhaps they do and want to appeal another: the reachable amount of 14 year olds wearing TapOut shirts that have $200 to throw down on a mechanical keyboard.

My advice to company is to revert back to the old logo as soon as possible because being a loyal customer and a big fan of Corsair, I feel ashamed of this logo. I do not want anyone to come stare at my keyboard and ask me,”Why do you have a “Tramp Stamp” on your keyboard?”.


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