Corsair H80i Review


Corsair is one of the few companies who have excelled at every component market they have entered. Right now, they are at the top of peripherals, cooling, memory, chassis and some other markets. Main reason behind their unstoppable success is the quality and the feature set offered. All these things come at a cost though; Corsair products usually come at a price premium.

Corsair H80i Review

Only a year or two back, Corsair entered the cooling market and now they’ve a large stack of all-in-one CPU water coolers ranging from $65 all the way up to $130. We’ve their $110 Hyrdro Series H80i cooler with us. It features a 120mm radiator with 38mm of thickness. This radiator is on the thicker side as compared to other offering by Corsair or other manufacturers. The H80i is basically an improved version of the H80. Both were launched at the same price point but the later one is discontinued now. Corsair simply took the old H80 and improved a few things to make the new H80i. To begin with, it comes with a better CPU block. Secondly, the tubing has also been improved. The old H80 had plastic tubing which had some tendency of kinking but the new H80i has thick rubber tubing which doesn’t kink that easily. And now it also comes with better fans. This time Corsair has bundled two of their SP120L high-performance fans which produce air flow of 77 CFM. The H80i also supports the Corsair Link; all you need to do is connect the Corsair Link cable to a USB header on your board and after downloading the Corsair Link Dashboard software, you can monitor coolant temperature and adjust cooling temperature for your desktop.

The Corsair Hydro series and all other closed loop liquid coolers are basically designed to give you the power and performance of traditional water cooling setups in a compact, easy to install and safe package. These usually don’t require any maintenance or leak-testing at all. These closed loop coolers have achieved quite a lot of market share in the last year or so and have replaced huge air coolers in most systems but these still don’t bring the amount of flexibility and performance you get with full-on liquid cooling setups. But that’s not the focus of our review; instead we’ll be focusing on performance of H80i as compared to some of the best air coolers in the market.

Let’s have a quick look at the specifications of the Corsair H80i before we move forward with the review.

Corsair H80i
Radiator Dimensions 120mmx152mmx38mm
Fan Dimensions 120mmx120mmx25mm (x2)
Fan Speed 2000RPM
Fan Airflow / dBA,
Static Pressure
54CFM / 37.68 dBA / 4mm/H2O
Cold Plate / Radiator Material Copper / Aluminum
Compatibility Intel LGA 775, 1150/1155/1156, 1366, 2011
AMD FM1, FM2, AM2, AM3
Warranty Five years
MSRP $109.99

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