Corsair Vengeance M65 Gaming Mouse Review

Corsair Vengeance M65

Corsair Vengeance M65 software:

The Vengeance M65 supports the latest version of the Vengeance software. Corsair made a wise decision of not bundling a software disk with the mouse to keep the cost down and to make sure that you are starting up with the latest version of the software. It can be downloaded from company’s website.

Launching the software takes you directly to the macro assignment menu. Here you can record and assign new macros to the individual buttons. You can also different Windows tasks like copy, cut, paste etc to buttons as well as the buttons can be programmed to launch applications. You can also turn the lighting on or off. All the settings are profile bound.

Corsair Vengeance M65 Software

You can also export macro in an .xml file by right clicking on the picture of the mouse. These export files can be saved as backup for later use.

In the performance management tab, you can individually assign DPIs to each axis; for each sensitivity level and for the sniper button. There are three sensitivity levels which can be toggled from the buttons present near the scroll wheel. This menu also lets you adjust the surface quality, polling rate and lift height.

Corsair Vengeance M65 Software

The last menu is related to profile management. Here you can create, delete, import and export new profile. Profiles can also be programmed to automatically get activated upon launch of a particular application.

All in all, exactly like the mouse, Corsair has designed a very useful utility with pretty much any feature or function one can ask for.

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