CPU-Z for Android coming soon

For nearly a decade the de facto standard for checking out CPU or motherboard related information on a computer has been through the venerable CPU-Z utility. Weighing in hardly over a megabyte, this little utility tells you about some of the most intricate details of a processing unit. This includes cache information, core clock speed and core stepping amongst others. And now CPU-Z for Android is in the works.

CPU-ZCPU z Lenovo K900

A French website claims to have gotten hold of a pre-release version of CPU-Z for Android. The app, according to the picture, gives out information on SoC, system, battery and sensors. It’s still under development and we don’t have official word on when to expect a final release. But it is claimed to be working quite stably even on a pre-release version on a Galaxy Nexus, although the SoC information given out is incorrect. It says Snapdragon 600 where as the Galaxy Nexus comes with the Snapdragon S4 Pro. We expect these bugs to be ironed out before the final release.

CPU-Z is widely used as a validation tool in overclocking CPUs on a desktop computers. Now that this trend is also being passed onto smartphones somewhat, the presence of this app will certainly be welcomed.

Source: PCWorld | Twitter (@FPiednoel)


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