News launches official BlackBerry e-store in Pakistan, a leading online retail store in Pakistan has announced the launch of the first official BlackBerry store in the country. Although BlackBerry is struggling worldwide in the modern era of smartphones, it still caters to the enterprise niche around the globe. The company has a strong consumer base in Pakistan which will help by offering authentic products including 1-year manufacturer’s warranty. Blackberry _1 officially brings BlackBerry in Pakistan is also offering limited edition models such as BlackBerry Q10 Gold and Z30 Gold. There are a total of 12 BlackBerry smartphones available for purchase from the official store including popular models such as Curve 9320.

The online store trend is growing on day to day basis in Pakistan and is one of the pioneers with excellent services. The company started its operations by offering clothes, accessories and shoes. Now it is diversifying in to consumer electronics and home furnishing goods. Blackberry _2

Pakistan is a victim of smuggled items across the country which are not only priced cheaper than the original product but also discourages companies from opening their official stores in Pakistan. has made an extremely bold move and we hope that others will follow by introducing more official electronic stores.

Head over to to check out the complete collection of BlackBerry phones available for purchase.


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