Embedded Xeon E5-2600 v3 Haswell-EP CPUs launching soon

Intel is planning to launch the next generation Haswell-E desktop CPUs by the end of this month. On the other hand, they’ll also be launching Haswell-EP processors for server and workstation market. The first batch of Haswell-EP chips will include Xeon E5-1600 v3 and Xeon E5-2600 v3 SKUs for single socket and dual socket systems. These chips will come with up to 18 ‘Haswell’ cores, 45MB of cache, quad channel DDR4 memory, integrated voltage regulator and other perks like PCI 3.0 and DMI 3.0. Intel is expected to begin the Haswell-EP sale with as many as 20 SKUs and this lineup will also include five Xeon E5-2600 v3 chips; Xeon E5-2608L v3, E5-2618L v3, E5-2628L v3, E5-2648L v3 and E5-2658 v3.

Haswell-EP E5-2600 v3 specifications _2

The embedded Haswell-EP Xeon lineup starts with the Xeon E5-2608L v3 which is a low power chip having TDP of only 50W. It has six cores with twelve threads. It is clocked at 2 GHz and has 15MB of L3 cache.

Next up, there are three low power CPUs, namely Xeon E5-2618L v3, E5-2628L v3 and E5-2648L v3, with TDP of 75W. These have eight, ten and twelve cores respectively with double number of threads thanks to HyperThreading. The Xeon E5-2618L v3 has 2.3 GHz clock and 20 MB of L3 cache, the E5-2628L v3 has 2 GHz clock speed and 25 MB L3 cache and lastly the E5-2648L v3 has 1.8 GHz clock speed with 30 MB of L3 cache.

The last embedded Haswell-EP chip, Xeon E5-2568L v3, is not a low power chip and it comes with 105W TDP. It has twelve cores (twenty four threads), 2.2 GHz clock speed and 30 MB of cache.

Embedded Intel Xeon E5-2600 v3 Specs

ModelCores / ThreadsFrequencyL3 cacheTDP
Xeon E5-2608L v36 / 122 GHz15 MB50 Watt
Xeon E5-2618L v38 / 162.3 GHz20 MB75 Watt
Xeon E5-2628L v310 / 202 GHz25 MB75 Watt
Xeon E5-2648L v312 / 241.8 GHz30 MB75 Watt
Xeon E5-2658 v312 / 242.2 GHz30 MB105 Watt

These embedded Xeon E5-2600 v3 CPUs along with other Haswell-EP CPUs will be launched with the Intel C610 chipset and DDR4 memory in next few weeks.


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