EVGA Shows Off Precision X For Android

EVGA launched their latest Precision X overclocking and monitoring utility with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680 graphics cards. Currently they are working on Andriod version of this software. EVGA’s product manager, Jacob Freeman, shows off the new Precision X app. To being with, this mobile app comes with a nice GUI. It communicates via Bluetooth to the bridge which changes the values in the PC version of Precision X. This means that any change that you’ll make on the mobile app will make change in the PC version which in return will change the settings.

Precision X for Andrioud comes with all the tweaking options like Power Target and offset clocks for GeForce GTX 680. There is an options which shows the real-time data of the temperature, fan speeds and voltages. It also has profile system just like the PC version. You can save up to 10 profiles. EVGA plans to release this app in one weeks time.

Source: EVGA Tech Blog


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