EVGA Showcases X79 Dark Motherboard and a Mini-ITX Case at CES 2013

EVGA, a leading manufacturer of graphics card and high-end desktop peripherals, revealed some exciting products CES 2013. After receiving some negative reviews on its X79 FTW motherboard EVGA has unveiled its latest X79 chipset motherboard, X79 Dark which features 8 DIMM DDR3 slots supporting Quad Channel mode. Also, the company revealed its Mini-ITX box which features a 500W 1U power supply.

EVGA CES X79 Dark Motherboard_1 EVGA CES X79 Dark Motherboard_2 EVGA Mini-ITX Box_1 EVGA Mini-ITX Box_3

EVGA X79 Dark motherboard claims to compete against high-end motherboard manufacturers’ offerings such Republic of Gamers motherboards from ASUS and Gigabyte’s flagship X79 motherboards. It consists of a 12+1 power phase design, 4 way SLI support, 64GB memory, PCI-Ex 3.0, Dual Gigabyte Intel Ethernet, SATA III 6Gbps and USB 3.0. It comes with a black and red color scheme along with a  large heatsink with EVGA logo covering the X79 chipset . It also features debug switches including EVBot connector, PCI-Ex on/off buttons and power/reset buttons on the PCB. It is expected to launch in upcoming months close to the launch of Ivy Bridge-E processors.

EVGA’s Mini-ITX Box is made for LAN party gamers, its compact design and a powerful 500W 1U Dual 12v rail power supply is enough to support mid-end gaming rigs. It is also compatible with 240 mm close-loop water cooling kits. The design is not yet finalized but it is expected to launch at Computex 2013 in June.

Source: VR-Zone


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