EVGA X99 Classified, X99 FTW & X99 Micro; details & prices

EVGA X99 Classified

Only a few days are left until Intel launches their new Haswell-E platform including the new HEDT (high-end desktop processors) and Intel X99 chipset. Most of the manufacturers have unveiled a number of their new X99 based motherboards in previous weeks but we did not get to see EVGA’s motherboards till yet. Earlier today, EVGA unveiled three of their upcoming motherboards; the top of the line X99 Classified, the X99 FTW which falls in the middle and the X99 Mini mATX motherboard.

EVGA X99 Classified

EVGA X99 Classified:

As always, the EVGA X99 Classified is company’s ultimate motherboard from the upcoming lineup. It has eATX form factor and comes with all the possible features you can get on a high-end motherboard. Apart from the usual things like LGA 2011-3 socket and eight memory slots with support for up to 128GB of DDR4 memory, the X99 Classified has a powerful 10-phase CPU power delivery system with two 8-pin EPS power connectors for power. This power connector configuration gives a clear indication that the motherboard is meant for some serious overclocking.

EVGA X99 Classified

In terms of PCI express expansion, the X99 Classified has five PCIe x16 slots and one PCIe x4 slot. The slots are placed in such a way that four dual-slot graphics card can be easily installed. To the left of PCI expansion slots, there is an mSATA slot as well. A right-angled 6-pin PCI power connector is present at the bottom end of the motherboard for preliminary power to the expansion slots. For storage connectivity, the X99 Classified has ten SATA III slots and a number of USB 2.0/3.0 headers and ports.

The EVGA X99 Classified has a number of other features as well like the on-board overclocking buttons, diagnostic LED and two gigabit Ethernet ports.

In terms of design, the X99 Classified comes in black color with a hint of red. The heatsinks and slots are mostly black but there is a red “E” logo on the PCH heatsink and we are pretty positive that this logo glows. A beefy heatpipe connects the CPU VRM heatsink with the PCH heatsink.

The EVGA X99 Classified is expected to retail around $400.


The EVGA X99 FTW is the slightly toned down version of the higher end X99 Classified. All the basics are still the same; both have the same LGA 2011-3 socket, eight memory slots and same 10-phase CPU power delivery system but it has ‘only’ 8-pin EPS power connector as compared to two on the X99 Classified.


Moving down, the PCI expansion slot layout is exactly the same but there is no mSATA slot. The 6-pin preliminary power connector is still there. It has six SATA III slots and four SATA II slots. Other extra features like the on-board overclocking buttons and diagnostic LEDs are present as well.

The heatsink system is a bit toned down as well. The PCH heatsink is black in color and its a bit smaller. The X99 FTW will be sold for $280.

EVGA X99 Mico:

As other manufacturers, EVGA has also prepared the X99 Micro mATX motherboard. It has 10-phase CPU power delivery system with single 8-pin EPS power connector as other two motherboards. There are four DDR4 memory slots (one per channel). For PCI expansion, there are three PCIe x16 slots and one mSATA.

EVGA X99 Micro

For storage connectivity, there are six SATA III ports along with several USB 2.0 and USB 3.0. Despite the small size, the X99 Micro has several overclocking features like on-board power/reset buttons along with diagnostic LEDs.

The EVGA X99 Micro will retail for $250. These motherboards along with other Haswell-E related products will be launched later this month on August 26, 2014.

Source: Cowcotland


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