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Facebook finds a way to bypass ad blockers

Facebook News Feed

Facebook has just announced that they will start showing ads to people even when they are using ad blockers. In a blog post, the social media giant insisted that their ads are not intrusive or annoying so they will bypass the ad blockers and show the ads to everyone.

Facebook also clears that the ads are very important for its existence but it is still giving you option to block ads from certain businesses and even through various interests. For example, if you don’t want to see any more ads from Coca Cola, you can block that or if you don’t want to see any ads related to cats, you can block that as well.

This change will obviously not sit well with ad blockers advocates but Facebook is a free to use platform and completely optional, so it’s their right to show ads to make money. Furthermore, the Facebook ads are also backbone of many business around the world. Such businesses can’t survive without marketing on the social media website.

Ad blockers usually pick up and block ads from a web page by looking at the code. Ads usually have some code and tags which are easily differentiated  from other content but from now on, Facebook’s ads won’t be any different from the regular news feed stories in terms of code but obviously, users will see the “Sponsored” markers. The ad blockers will eventually find a way around this change as well but it will obviously take some time.


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