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Facebook Messenger gets SMS functionality on Android

Facebook Messenger SMS

There have been reports a few months ago that Facebook is testing SMS functionality in their Messenger app on Android. Today, it has officially announced the feature and is widely rolling it out at the moment.

This feature will allow both the usual Facebook messages as well as traditional SMS messages. Interestingly, SMS in Messenger doesn’t support just text and images. It also supports rich content like stickers, GIFs, emojis and location sharing — just like regular Messenger conversations. Furthermore, the SMS conversations can also pop out as bubbles like the regular Facebook messages. To differentiate between the two different type of conversations, Facebook has given the purple color to SMS in contrast to the blue.

This feature is not active by default and you have to activate it yourself by going into the Messenger settings, selecting “SMS” from the list and tick mark the “Default SMS Option”.

Facebook emphasizes that the SMS messages will not be routed through their servers hence there are no privacy concerns here and standard SMS fees will be applicable as well. Currently, this feature is only available on Android.



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