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Latest Facebook News Feed change will favor friends over publishers

Facebook News Feed

Facebook is pushing out a latest update to their News Feed which will favor the posts and status updates from friends as compared to the same from publishers, the company said in a blog post today. Facebook is making this adjustment because it was “built on the idea of people with their friends and family.

Earlier this year, Facebook made a similar adjustment to News Feed which negatively impacted the reach of links and stories posted by publishers. On the parallel, the social media giant started favoring videos and launched Instant Articles, opening up new avenues for them to grow.

Major publishers and media people around the world have spent years and a lot of money on creating, promoting and managing their Facebook pages which are now becoming less fruitful. After this recent change, Facebook will basically favor links shared by your family and friends over the links shared by publishers. As a result to this, we will probably start seeing more viral stories, which most people are expected to share, in our News Feeds instead of serious or important stories which might not be that viral.

In the blog post published on the Facebook Newsroom, a News Feed executive said today’s changes reflect the company’s ambition to curate a perfect collection of stories for each of Facebook’s 1.09 billion daily active users. “Our success is built on getting people the stories that matter to them most,” said Adam Mosseri, vice president of product management at Facebook. “If you could look through thousands of stories every day and choose the 10 that were most important to you, which would they be? The answer should be your News Feed. It is subjective, personal, and unique — and defines the spirit of what we hope to achieve.”

Facebook’s latest change to News Feed gives a sense that the company wants to inform people about what other people are talking about, not what the actual or credible story is based on the journalism and editorial guidelines.



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