Microsoft pushes firmware update for Surface tablets

The Microsoft Surface line of tablets were unveiled last year and are the company’s first foray into the PC hardware market. Though the general response towards these tablets has been rather cold, it’s not stopping Microsoft from churning out regular updates to make sure they perform up to task. New firmware update for Surface RT and Pro have been released and brings in a slew of bug fixes and enhancements.


This firmware update includes improvements to the WiFi stack of the tablet. WiFi connectivity has been very dodgy since release and Microsoft continues to improve the experience in this area. The new update will reduce the chances of the tablet entering into ‘limited connectivity’.  A new Surface USB to Ethernet driver has been published which will allow users to PXE boot their devices with a direct Ethernet connection (Surface Pro only).

The touch and type cover have also received updates to make them more responsive and less prone to typing errors. The following keyboard shortcuts have been added.


The LifeCam driver on Surface Pro is also updated which improves image quality under low light. The update also update also improves performance and reliability when you switch between the integrated camera and an external camera. The firmware update for Surface RT improve volume from the loudspeaker.

Source: Microsoft


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