Fractal Design Define R4 Review

Close Look at the Case (Exterior):

The first thing you’ll notice when you get the case out the packaging is its minimalistic design which goes right in line with the company’s design language. The front of the Define R4 has a hinged door with brushed aluminium finish like its predecessor; this gives it a very premium look. This finish is kind of a finger print magnet; you should think a couple of times before touching it with your dirty hands. The inside surface of the door has an acoustic foam installed which doesn’t let the noise escape from the chassis.

The real deal is behind this premium looking door. Opening this door to left reveals a two 5.25” drive bays, a fan controller (with support for up to three fans) and a large plastic mesh which has space for two 140mm fans behind it; one comes pre-installed. This large part has a push mechanism and once given a slight push from the top, it pops out. It reveals this frame which sits in its place without any screws and can be removed without any tool. The dust filters keeps out all the dust and you can easily wash it after removing the fans. This frame can also be replaced with a 240mm watercooling radiator.

There isn’t much to talk about the sides of the Define R4; like its predecessor. There is only one 140mm fan slot on the left panel. This fan slot is also covered with acoustic foam which can be removed if you want to install a fan. Both the panels are also sound proofed with the foam from inside.

The back side of chassis come with usual things. The PSU slot at the bottom with 7+1 PCI slots above it. The 140mm slot lies above the PCI slots and comes with a fan pre-installed. The watercooling holes that were present above the fan slot in Define R3 are now replaced with simple vents.

The top of the chassis has two slots for 120/140mm fans. According to Fractal Design, slim 240mm radiators can be installed on top but we’ll have to see about that once we take a closer look at chassis’ interior on next page. Both fans slots are also fitted with sound proofing foam. In terms of front panel connectors (which are actually on top), Define R4 comes with a power button, reset button, two USB 3.0 ports, two USB 2.0 ports, mic and headphone jack along with a power LED.

The bottom of the chassis has a dust filter for the PSU and a fan. It is washable and can be easily removed from the back.

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