Fractal Design Define R4 Review

Close Look at the Case (Interior):

The side panels of the Define R4 can be easily taken off by removing the thumbscrews. The interior is all black with some white elements forming a nice contrast. The beautiful interiors has loads of cable management options, a large CPU cooler retention cut out and lots of hard drives bays. All the cable management holes are loaded with rubber grommets for a nicer look. The back side of the motherboard tray has around 3cm of distance from the side panel which is more than enough for tucking up extra cables at the back and there are a number of hooks for zip ties too.

In terms of storage options, Define R4 comes with two 5.25” drive bays and eight 3.5/2.5” bays. These can be used both for HDDs and SSDs. The hard drive bays are present in two bays of 5 and 3 drives and both can be removed making a more streamlined airflow in the case or simplifying the installation of radiator in front. You can also remove the top 5-bay caddy individually and the bottom caddy can serve as a nice place to put a cylinder reservoir showing off your coolant.

Define R4 comes with a very solid motherboard try with no flex to it. It has plenty of cable management holes with rubber grommets. You can install mini ITX, mATX and ATX motherboards in this chassis. The seven PCI slots will let users run up to 3-way GPU configuration without any issue and with the hard drives caddies removed you can install the longest of the graphics cards.

The bottom part of the chassis provides place for a PSU and a 120/140mm fan. The PSU slot has four foam feet to dump any vibration created by its fan. The bottom part of the PSU slot also has same kind of padding.

In terms of internal connection wires, Define R4 comes with the standard USB 3.0 connector along with USB 2.0 and other front panel connectors. The front panel fan controller comes with three fan headers and a 4-pin molex to power it.

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