Fractal Design Define R4 Review

Price Reference:

  • Great design
  • Excellent build quality
  • Front panel USB 3.0
  • Space for up to eight HDD/SSD
  • Removable hard drive caddies
  • Good cable routing options
  • Fully loaded with dust filters and sound damping material
  • Built-in fan controller
  • Two fans included
  • Price
  • Fairly good watercooling options
  • Front panel cables are little bit short

The Fractal Design Define R4 can be simply defined as a considerably improved Define R3. It has everything that was missing from its predecessor. The main thing I liked about Define R4 is the flexibility it offers in terms of cooling or silence. You can assemble your case according to your preference and it is not bad in both of the departments. It comes heavily loaded up with acoustic material to minimize the noise leaving the case and vibration dampening rubbers are also installed wherever needed. If you want better cooling performance, Define R4 will serve you in that scenario too. It has space to install up to six fans and if you are into watercooling, this case can easily handle a single loop with one or two 240mm radiators. It’s fully loaded with dust filters at all the appropriate locations to keep all the dust out of the system.

What interests me most about the Define R4 is its design. It retains Fractal Design tradition of minimal design and high quality materials. The front door with brushed aluminium finish adds a very elegant touch to casing’s design. The white parts of the case add a pleasant and attractive contrast to its design.

In terms of cable management, Define R4 comes with lots of cable routing holes and enough space to tuck in extra cables. All the major cable routing holes have rubber grommets which give a clean look. The removable hard drive caddies provide enough space for putting up a cylinder reservoir or installing a long graphics card.

The part where Define R4 rocks the most is the price. Costing $109, nothing can beat this case in terms of value. Fractal Design surely improved a lot over the last Define series casing but they’ve retained the attractive price point.

All in all, if I were to buy a casing in $100 to $130 range Define R4 would be my obvious choice.

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