Futuremark delists HTC and Samsung phones from 3DMark over suspicious behaviour

As smartphones become more and more powerful, manufacturers try harder and harder to top each other in a never ending battle of specs. This battle reached new, dubious heights when Samsung was accused of ‘cheating‘ its way to the top of various benchmark suites. Then other OEMs were named as well. While any ‘smart’ smartphone buyer would know better than to rely on benchmarks to make an informed purchase, it doesn’t bode well for benchmarking apps, whose reputation was tarnished through this. Futuremark, the developers of 3DMark, has taken a step to reinvigorate the authenticity in their app.

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How do they do this? Simple. Just delist all records of selected suspicious phones from the database. According to Futuremark, all phones should treat their app as any other normal app. This means phones that ‘readied’ themselves for benchmarks by boosting clock frequencies have been delisted in the new version of 3DMark. These phones include Galaxy Note 3, HTC One and HTC One Mini.

These delisted devices will appear unranked, and without scores, at the bottom of the 3DMark Device Channel. We hope that other apps take note from Futuremark and apply a similar policy. More than that we hope that Samsung and HTC are able to get their act together.

Source: Futuremark


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