G.SKILL intros Pheonix Blade PCIe 480GB SSD with 2 GB/s speeds

G.SKILL is making a comeback in the SSD industry with its latest Pheonix Blade PCIe solid state drive. The all new Pheonix Blade is designed from ground up featuring blazing fast speeds up to 2000 MB/s and a massive 480 GB capacity. It is designed for extreme gaming, professional graphics design, industrial design and Ultra HD content playback. G.SKILL’s Pheonix Blade compliments the power of multi-core processors unleashing their true potential of higher performance and productivity.

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G.SKILL Pheonix Blade PCIe SSD with 480 GB capacity and four LSI controllers

Pheonix Blade PCIe SSD features four LSI SF-2281 controllers in RAID0 configuration resulting in four times more performance compared to regular SATA3 drives. G.SKILL made use of an array of MLC flash memory to introduce a massive 480 GB capacity. By utilizing the PCIe 2.0 x8 interface, Phoenix Blade minimizes the latency and data is transferred much more quickly without interruptions to and from the SSD.

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Higher capacity requires an insane data transfer speed. G.SKILL claims that Pheonix Blade is capable of reaching up to 2000 MB/s read and writes speeds allowing it to transfer gigabytes of data within seconds. The PCIe based drive also offers 245K IOPS 4KB Random Write making data intensive processing a breeze for professional graphics designers and HD content creation.

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TRIM and SCSI UNMAP support with major Windows OS versions help maintain consistent write performance, reduce flash deterioration, and most importantly, extend drive life expectancy. Not to mention an extensive set of S.M.A.R.T. attributes allow users to monitor the drive’s health, allowing users to take preventative measures against possible data loss.

Pheonix Blade offers data protection as well with the help of BCH ECC of up to 55 bits per second. Flash cells errors and block failures are a thing of the past now. G.SKILL is offering 3 years limited warranty with Phoenix Blade PCIe 480 GB SSD. For more information, please visit the product page.


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