Galaxy Note 3 front panel leaked; compared with Note 2

We’re only a few days away from the Galaxy Note 3 announcement. If you’re a fan of phablets then September 4 is the day a phone you’ve probably been waiting for will be announced. Like with any other highly anticipated device Galaxy Note 3 too has seen its share of leaks and rumours. Now that we’re less than a week away from the unveiling, the rumours have started to become a tad stronger and more legit.

note 3

The image above shows what is claimed to be the front panel of the Galaxy Note 3. It is placed side by side with the front panel of Galaxy Note 2 (on the left). You can immediately spot the difference in design. While Samsung will most likely retain the over all design language, the edges on the Note 3 look a lot less roundish than the previous version of the phone.

The screen size of Galaxy Note 3 is reported to be 5.7-inch. To keep the phone as small as possible Samsung has really shrunk the bezels. They’re barely noticeable anymore. The phone itself looks barely any bigger than the Note 2 from last year. Now lets wait and see if Samsung stick with the glossy plastic that has done no favours to the Galaxy S4 or not.

Source: Sammobile


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