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Leaked video shows Galaxy Note 7 Iris Scanner in action

Galaxy Note 7 Iris Scanner

A lot of rumors in the past weeks have pointed towards the presence of an iris scanner in the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 7. There has not be any hard evidence of the scanner until now. A leaked video from China’s social media website Weibo has leaked showing the iris scanner of Galaxy Note 7 in action.

The video shows a person unlocking the phone using the iris scanner and its pretty fast. However, there seems to be one issue. You have to perform the “Slide to Unlock” gesture first for the iris scanner unlocking interface to come up. It would have been better if it could detect the position of the phone using gyroscope when its picked up and automatically activate the iris scanner to eliminating the extra step needed to unlock.

The Galaxy Note 7 in the video has a flat screen and that might confuse some as the phone is heavily rumored to come with a curved display. However, it is believed that Samsung actually made full working prototypes of the phone with flat screen but later quashed it to launch the curved display version only. The videos seems to be showing one of those prototypes.

Samsung has scheduled an event on August 2, that’s when the new Galaxy Note 7 will be launched.


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