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Even the replaced Galaxy Note 7 phones are facing serious issues

Galaxy Note 7

Battery exploding issues of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 are the worst in company’s recent history. It triggered a huge recall which is estimated to cost around $1 billion to Samsung. In addition to that, the whole fiasco wiped of about $20 billion from company valuation but Samsung’s troubles do not seem to be ending yet.

South Korea, company’s home ground, was the first to get replacements of Galaxy Note 7 with new batteries and according to Wall Street Journal, even the replaced phones are facing some serious issues. WSJ interviewed some owners which complained about overheating and quick battery discharge.

Users are reporting that battery discharges as fast as 1% every second even when the phone is charging while others reported about a quarter of the battery percentage dropped in about 40 minutes.

I’ve charged it [Note 7] all night after the battery went below one percent, but it didn’t charge over 10 percent,” a user told ZDNet.

For now these reports are only coming from South Korea where company has replaced about 400,000 phones and Samsung has acknowledged the issue but they are saying these issues are not battery related.

So far, Samsung has reportedly replaced about 500,000 phones in USA but such reports have not emerged from there. According to PCMag, who surveyed initial Note 7 buyers in USA, about 35% people will be seeking refunds, 26% will be moving to iPhone and only 18% people plan to stick with Note 7.


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