GeForce GTX 660 Ti Specifications and Launch Date Revealed

Rumors about the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 Ti have been revolving around the internet for quite some time now. Last month, SweClockers revealed the launch date to be between August 13 and August 19. Today, they have reported the exact date and its August 16; same day as opening of GamesCom event held in Cologne, Germany which could possibly be the launch pad.

SweClockers also revealed key specifications of the upcoming mainstream card; the GeForce GTX 660. According to the specifications, it isn’t that different from the GeForce GTX 670. Both share 28nm GK104 GPU and both have 1344 CUDA cores. Even the core clocks and memory clocks are same i.e. 915 MHz base clock, 980 MHz boost clock and 6008 MHz memory clock. Like its bigger brother, GTX 660 Ti will have 2 GB of memory but memory bus width is reduced from 256-bit to 192-bit; that results in around 25% decrease in memory bandwidth.

It is also said that cards will be available for sale right on the launch day and there wouldn’t be any shortages.

Source: SweClockers | TechPowerUp


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