Gigabyte Readies GeForce GTX TITAN WindForce 3X edition

NVIDIA GeForce GTX TITAN sits comfortable at the top in the world’s fastest single GPU ranking. Being the flagship GPU, it is equipped with the same exquisite aluminium cooler that was first seen on GeForce GTX 690. The company has been very strict regarding  custom variants and partner branding of manufacturers on the GTX 690 and same was heard about the Titan but it seems to be changing. Till now only EVGA is allowed to produce custom variant of GTX TITAN but now Gigabyte is also joining the party by introducing its custom GTX TITAN WindForce 3X edition.

Gigabyte GTX TITAN WindForce 3X_1 Gigabyte GTX TITAN WindForce 3X_2

Company showed of their custom-cooled GTX TITAN graphics card equipped with its WindForce 3X cooling. The cooler comes with 3 fans blowing air through the aluminum fins to cool the GPU, VRM and memory underneath. Its hard to recognize the GPU while it’s running in the system but folks at Hardwarezone took a closer look at the card revealing the PCB and model number which confirms that its a custom variant of GTX TITAN.

Although the reference design of GTX TITAN is already very sleek and does the job pretty well but its cooler is not designed to handle high overclocks; this is where Gigabyte’s WindForce 3X steps in. The custom cooler will allow Gigabyte to provide its users with overclocked speeds out of the box translating into more performance. The cooler is designed to dissipate up to 450W, which will give users enough extra room to further overclock the GPU since for benchmarkers every MHz counts. Specifications regarding this GPU are not yet revealed but the noticeable factor will be the price.

Reference version of GeForce GTX TITAN retails for $1000, which is pretty expensive for a GPU. And the custom variant will be approximately priced at $1200.

Source: Hardwarezone


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