Gigabyte Reveals Upcoming Z87 Motherboards at CeBIT 2013

CeBIT 2013 is becoming more interesting for Intel Haswell than we first anticipated. Earlier we reported that ASRock revealed its upcoming Z87/H87/B85 chipset motherboards at CeBIT 2013. Today, Gigabyte showcased its upcoming flagship motherboards based on Intel Z87 chipset.

Lets begin with something that is specifically designed for overclockers, the Gigabyte GA-Z87X-OC. The motherboard features 8 phase VRM with DRMOS ensuring reliable power supply to the components and stable overclocks. As most high-end overclocking motherboards come with different on-board buttons, the GA-Z87X-OC is no different. It comes with seven buttons to overclock the CPU, it includes BCLCK, Turbo, Gear, Power and Reset switches on the side of the DDR3 RAM slots. For extreme overclocks, Gigabyte has included several voltage measurement points, LN2 switch, Dual BIOS and Debug LED. Other features include, four PCI-Ex 3.0 x16 slots, 2 PCI expansion slots and one PCI-Ex x1 slot. Power to the CPU is provided through one 8-pin EPS and one 4-pin ATX power connectors, the orange and black color scheme is traditional to its UD7 series. As we can see in the pictures, this is still in the designing stage and there are no heatsinks covering the VRMs.

GIGABYTE Z87 Motherboards CeBIT 2013_1 GIGABYTE Z87 Motherboards CeBIT 2013_2 GIGABYTE Z87 Motherboards CeBIT 2013_3 GIGABYTE Z87 Motherboards CeBIT 2013_4

Next in line are GA-Z87X- UD5H and GA-Z87X-UD3H. The UD5H is also part of Gigabyte’s mainstream motherboard series and the GA-Z87-UD5H lives up to the honor. It comes with 16 power phase VRM design, on-board buttons and a Debug LED. It features three PCI-Ex 3.0 slots and four SATA connectors.

GA-Z87X-UD3H features 8 power phase VRM design, eight SATA connectors, four DDR3 RAM slots, on-board buttons and a Debug LED. All three motherboards are based on the ATX form factor, UD3H comes with a grey and black color scheme along with three PCi-Ex  x16 slots, 3 PCI-Ex x1 slots and a single PCI expansion slot.

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