GIGABYTE expected to ship 20 million boards this year

From a couple of years all we are hearing from analysts and economists is that the PC market is declining and companies have seen an all time low revenue in previous quarters. I tend to disagree with that fact because if that was the case then the ever changing technological trend would never change within six months. Enthusiasts max out the potential of their hardware within the first month of launch and are always hungry for more. Another reason that contradicts with the analysts is that Gigabyte is expected to ship 20 million motherboards in 2013. The company has already shipped nearly 10 million motherboards in H1 2013 and expects that the number will increase by the end of the forth quarter.


If Gigabyte manages to ship 20 million motherboard units in 2013, it will be one of the biggest achievements in the history of the company. The motherboard giants shipped 4.8 million units in Q2 2013 bringing the total to 9.9 million for the first half. To achieve the 20 million goal by the end of this year, Gigabyte needs to manufacturer and ship another 10.1 million units in the next two quarters. The company is certainly on track, that too with the release of Intel Haswell processors and Z87 chipsets, motherboard shipments will increase in the second half.

There is no doubt that companies’ profitable has been hurt due to poor economic conditions around the world and the never ending recession. This is why many manufacturers have diversified in to making other components as well. Gigabyte is the leading motherboard manufacturer while the company also makes chassis, graphics cards, laptops etc. Gigabyte launched new P-series gaming and U-series ultra slim notebooks in March 2013 along side the S-series and Q-series tablets. The company expects to ship around 230,000 notebooks and tablets this year.

Gigabyte is also aiming at the smartphone market with the launch of two 5-inch smartphones in 2013. One of them will be powered by MediaTek quad-core processor while the other will be equipped with Qualcomm dual-core chip. Both 5.5 inch smartphones will be priced between $250-300. According to DigiTimes, 40% of the Gigabyte’s handsets are produced in-house while the rest of the 60% is outsourced to other manufacturers in China.

Source: Digitimes


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