Gigabyte Showcases 4-inch Mini-PC Powered by a Core i7 Processor

Since the last couple of years, we have seen that everything is getting smaller and more powerful. The gaming era started off with a huge high-end gaming PC and now even small tablets are capable of running graphic intensive video games. Gigabyte has also achieved something similar to Intel NUC but much powerful in terms of specifications. The 4-inch mini-PC which is yet to be named but it will be powered by an Intel Core i7 processor.

Gigabyte mini-PC CES_1 Gigabyte mini-PC CES_2 Gigabyte mini-PC CES_3

Gigabyte’s mini-PC is a square 4-inch box with an aluminium case protecting it from getting damaged. Vents on the aluminium case keeps it cool and the back I/O has better connectivity options compared to Intel NUC. It seems that Gigabyte’s mini-PC has the tweaked version of Intel NUC’s motherboard, it gives users the option of USB 3.0, HDMI input and output ports, built-in, WiFi and an Ethernet connector. In terms of  hardware, it is powered by an Intel Core i7 processor, 256GB SSD and supports up to 8GB of DDR3 memory.

According to Gigabyte, the mini-PC has a low power design which makes it a green product and the aluminium case not only acts as protection and cooling but it also looks nice. Unfortunately, the product is still in its prototype stage and availability is not yet known. Gigabyte claims that it will be priced competitively, at least the entry level model with Core i3 series processor and its expected to launch in April 2013.

Source: Hexus


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