GIGABYTE X99 UD5 WiFi revealed; Fast Boot, OC Buttons and USB DAC

Our friend Ryan from eTeknix has revealed GIGABYTE’s X99 UD5 WiFi motherboard. This is the 7th motherboard revealed by GIGABYTE for its X99 line up. X99 UD5 WiFi is just a notch behind X99 UD7 WiFi but it does include some features which are not available in the Ultra Durable flagship motherboard. The motherboard comes with OC buttons on board and a USB DAC which is a really nice addition considering external DACs cost roughly $100.


GIGABYTE X99 UD5 WiFi; SATA Express, OC Buttons and USB DAC

GIGABYTE has kept an identical design in all its motherboards and X99 UD5 WiFi is quite similar to its elder sibling. Both motherboards share  the same expansion slots layout and color scheme. The X99 UD7 WiFi’s all four heatsinks are interconnected with the help of a nickel plated heatpipe but it’s not the same case with X99 UD5 WiFi. The top two heatsinks are separate from the PCH heatsink.

In terms of specifications, X99 UD5 WiFi supports Intel Haswell-E LGA 2011-3 Core i7 HEDT CPUs and features Intel’s X99 chipset. It has eight DDR4 DIMMs and a few overclocking buttons located at the top half of the PCB. For expansion, it includes four PCIe 3.0 X16 slots, three PCIe 3.0 x1 slots and dual M.2 PCIe slots out of which one is pre-occupied by the 802.11 ac WiFi module.

From the storage point of view, X99 UD5 WiFi six SATA 6 GB/s and two SATA Express ports. The good thing about X99 UD5 WiFi is that it comes with FastBoot and OC buttons which are not available in UD7. It means that very minute comprises are made in UD5 compared to UD7 and the former turns out to be a more attractive option since it’s priced lower. GIGABYTE has also included a USB DAC at the rear I/O shield which is a very nice feature coupled with SoundCore 3D technology which has pecks of its own.

The launch of Haswell-E HEDT CPUs is less than 24 hours away and almost every manufacturer has revealed their offerings so it’s about time that you select one and get ready to empty your pockets. GIGABYTE has seven offerings in the X99 Gaming, Overclocking and Ultra Durable line ups so there are plenty of options to choose from. X99 UD5 WiFi seems to be an excellent motherboard for its price.

GIGABYTE X99 Motherboards LED Lightning

GIGABYTE LED Lightning _1

GIGABYTE X99 motherboards feature LED lighting for the audio guard light path and the back panel LED, providing a cool, custom look to your rig. These lights are now programmable, so you can have them beat to the rhythm of the music you are listening to, or pulse at a soothing pace to create a great atmosphere to enhance the environment of your game, movie or music. You can also turn them off if you are wanting to get some shuteye.

Source: eTeknix


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