If you’ve read our Core i7-4770K Haswell review then you must know the condition of the overclocking scene with Haswell. Anyway, let me give a little bit of an overview. First of all, it’s gotten a little bit more difficult as compared to the last two generations of Intel CPUs as now there are more things to adjust. Furthermore, the new architecture produces unbeatable amount of heat and it isn’t as overclocking friendly as the Intel CPUs used to be; not atleast on air or closed loop watercoolers.

On the brighter side, the voltage regulator is now on the CPU which gives you a lot more control over different voltages being fed to different part of the processor. This leads to much better optimization of the overclock which means that you can adjust a few things to decrease the vcore or the heat output.

In our Core i7-4770K review, we were able to reach 4.5 GHz with 1.293v using the Intel DZ87KLT-75K. That’s quite a lot of voltage for those clocks and at that point, I thought that our chip might just be a bad one. However, with Z87X-OC, the same chip was able to hit same 4.5 GHz at only 1.28v. To my understanding, the only reason behind such bad results on the Intel motherboard is its crappy BIOS and even crappier user interface. But the Z87X-OC is nothing like that. It only took like a few minutes to get it to 4.5 GHz due to a very user friendly BIOS.

The absolute maximum I was able to hit on the Z87X-OC was 4.7 GHz with 1.298v and even that was reached without much effort. I am sure, it could have gone further but the heat was the major limiting issue. On full Prime95 load, the CPU was hitting mid-90s.

All this implies that a good motherboard can really make a difference in your overclocking mileage and Z87X-OC is a very good at that.

4.7 GHz Z87X-OC

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