Price Reference:

  • Lots of overclocking potential
  • Solid BIOS; both in terms of UI and tweaky
  • Feature rich OC area along with other OC options
  • OC Brace
  • Really solid construction
  • Good design
  • Price
  • No Thunderbolt
  • Color scheme might turn-away some

GIGABYTE Z87X-OC belongs to the third generation of company’s OC motherboards and it’s the best of the all. Not that the last two generations of boards were bad; it’s just that they were really expensive products with lots of bells and whistles. Most of the people could only lust over them. However, the Z87X-OC is different. It’s as desirable as its predecessors and it’s actually something you wouldn’t have to think much before buying. For $200, it’s singly handedly the best motherboard in its price range.

Do not let the ‘OC’ in its name fool you. It’s not just for overclockers. It’s as practical for general gamers as any other board out there. Actually, the fact that it doesn’t have much third party controllers and tweaks; the everyday using experience is very pleasant. You don’t have to deal with the issues that these third party chips usually bring.

When it comes to overclocking, you’ll find every feature or aid you can wish for. The on-board buttons are a delight to use and the BIOS is perfectly stable and it is so beautifully designed along with full-HD resolution that even the word ‘beautiful’ doesn’t do justice with it.

Finding the wrong things about this board was kind of hard for me. However, after trying very hard, I’ve come up with a few issues. First of all, the Thuderbolt port is missing. Now that manufacturers are making countless Thunderbolt devices and motherboards have also started to come with up to two of these ports make the Z87X-OC look a bit out of the time. And the orange black theme is kind of hard to match with other components of the system which might make it a deal breaker for some people. Furthermore, there is tri or quad-SLI support but that’s just stupid of me to mention this as GIGABYTE has the more expansive Z87X-OC Force for those who want features like this. Anyway, I think I should end before I say more stupid things just for the sake of finding bad this about the Z87X-OC.

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