Packaging and Contents:

The Z87X-OC comes in a normal sized box; the one you expect a $200 motherboard to come in. No surprises here. However, I think GIGABYTE has utilized the space on the box most efficiently to showcase what the product offers. The front doesn’t have much going on but the back is full with lots of information. There is a labeled picture of the motherboard showing off all the unique features of the board that can make any hardware enthusiasts droll.


In terms of accessories, there aren’t much apart from all the necessities and no novelties reflecting the true school of thought that this motherboard is a product of.

  • User manual and drivers’ disc
  • 4x SATA III cables
  • SLI bridge
  • CrossfireX bridge
  • 12x Voltage-readout point headers
  • OC Brace kit
  • GIGABYTE case badge


The OC Brace is the only exciting accessory in the box. It is a small kit which screws into the motherboard and acts as a support for the graphics cards if you are using the motherboard on an open table or box or the places where people like to overclock. It’s a nice little thing which comes in very handy is some situations.

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