Power Consumption:

Power consumption is an important aspect of every motherboard. It gives up an idea about the VRM efficiency of that particular board. We plugged our system to the power monitoring system and recorded the average power consumption with system in idle and load state.


Boot Time:

Users weren’t really concerned with boot times in old days but with today’s busy life everyone wants to be online or start their work in as less time as possible after powering up their PC. A part of this issue can be addressed by the use of SSD but that only comes in action once OS starts loading. Before loading the OS, the motherboard goes through some checks and routines to ensure that its ready to boot up and this process is called POST (Power-On Self-Test). Every motherboard has its own POST sequence and time depending on what kind of checks it is making before boot. It usually depends on what kind of and how many third party controllers a motherboard has.

Microsoft is also emphasizing on fast boot up times with Windows 8 so suddenly boot times have become very important. On readers’ requests, we’ve also decided to include boot times of motherboards in our reviews. We will be recording the time a motherboard takes from the push of power button to the desktop with default BIOS settings. Right now, we don’t have much data to populate the chart but it’ll keep growing with time.


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