Bundled Software:

GIGABYTE’s software bundle has also got the much needed redesign. They all have a much modern look and match the outlook of the new UEFI.

Now, there is an App Center which is basically a launch pad for all the apps. As soon as you install an app, it gets added to the App Center and this is only where you can launch it.

App Center

To begin with, we’ve the @BIOS which has also gotten the redesign. It’s a nifty little utility which tells all the things about the BIOS version and lets you back up or update via several different methods. Then, we’ve the EZ Setup which lets you control different options about the storage sub-system.

@BIOS 1 EZ Setup 1

The ON/OFF USB control center is also included in the bundle. It lets you control the behavior of the ON/OFF USB ports which can be used to charge the mobile devices. GIGABYTE has also included a new utility called “USB Blocker”; it lets you control the communication of different types of USB devices connected to the system.

USB Blocker ON-OFF

In terms of overclocking software, the Z87X-OC comes with renowned EasyTune. However, I couldn’t get it to start on my system despite trying a few different versions. After a few hours of fiddling around, I gave up. Anyway, from what I’ve heard and seen, EasyTune has also got a redesign and it doesn’t look old and crappy anymore. Now, it’s as sharp as the new UEFI.

And lastly, we’ve the TweakLauncher 2. It’s not as flashy and good looking as the other utilities but it’s the best one. It’s a small little tool which manipulates the system and lets you adjust almost every clocking setting from within the windows. It’s small and doesn’t require an install. If you are an avid overclocker, this is the only piece of software that you need.


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