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Gmail for iOS to get third-party accounts support

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Google is readying up their Gmail for iOS app for direct competition of Apple’s Mail app as well as other email apps like Spark and Airmail. Gmail’s Twitter account shared an image of the upcoming feature along with an invitation for people to come out and test the feature before it is rolled out publicly.

The option to add third-party email accounts to Gmail has been available on Android for quite a while now but the iOS app is limited to Gmail accounts only. However, this new feature of iOS shows that Google isn’t afraid to fight Apple on their own platform. There have been several apps released by Google recently such as Keep and Photos that come in direct competition to Apple’s counterparts.

The testing phase of this feature is not available to everyone as yet. Google shared a link to a form which interested users can fill out to be considered in this program. The form contains basic questions like if you currently use Gmail for iOS app, which devices you use this app one, if you have any third-party email accounts and lastly if you are running iOS 10 or higher. According to the shared image, once the new feature rolls out Gmail for iOS app will support Outlook, Yahoo and other (presumably IMAP) accounts.

There is no indication to when this feature will be publicly rolled out.


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