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Google Chrome for Windows gets basic anti-virus features


Google is rolling out some basic anti-virus features in Chrome for Windows. Browsers have always been the door to installing unwanted software on computers and Google is fully committed to fight that.

To begin with, Chrome for Windows now comes with a feature which detects any changes that have been made to the browser settings without user interaction and offers to revert those. Such changes usually include change of search engine or home page. Now, if an extension or installer tries to change your search engine or homepage, Chrome will notify you and give you the option to revert it.

Furthermore, a tool called Chrome Cleanup is built into the browser which will keep scanning your computer in the background and will prompt you as it finds any suspicious or unwanted programs. The tool will also be able to remove any such programs. This feature is the result of Google’s partnership with ESET. However, Google emphasizes that this tool cannot be used as a complete replacement for a general-purpose antivirus.

Google has started rolling out the new Chrome to users. All these features are obviously very welcome however Chrome is already quite a resource hog and running background scans is only going to make it worse.


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