Google Nexus 7 Review

Closer Look at the Tablet:

The front of the Nexus 7 is mostly occupied by the 7-inch screen. At first look, it may seem like the bezel is very thick and ugly but when you start using the tablet this bezel makes the experience much better as it lets you rest the thumb. With thinner bezel, resting the thumb would have activated the touch sensitive screen. Android Design Chief Matias Duarte told The Verge’s Joshua Topolsky that thick bezel is intentional and not the result of cheap parts. There is a thin matte silver rim around the tablet which looks like a metal at first look but it’s made of high quality plastic. It adds some elegance to the design.

The back is made of dark brown grippy material with textured finish, it has great feel to it. The material seems like a high quality mixture of soft plastic and leather.

The 1.2 mega pixel camera is present on the top of the screen. Even though the camera works fairly well for video calling, Nexus 7 doesn’t come with any camera app to take pictures though it (but third party apps are available).

All the physical controls are present on the right side. There is a power button and two volume buttons. They are in a pretty good place. Left side has four contact points for dock.

Top is pretty much clear but bottom has micro USB port for charging and data transfer along with a 3.5mm audio jack. The micro USB port also functions as a Host and is compatible with peripherals like mice, keyboard and Ethernet adapters. Unfortunately, advanced USB On-the-go functionality is not supported and hence no storage devices will be recognised.

Back of the tablet doesn’t have much going on apart from the Nexus logo on upper part, ASUS logo on bottom and speaker right below ASUS logo. It offers average sound quality; good enough for video calling or watching a movie.

Overall build quality of tablet is very solid and it feels premium in hand. There is no creaking or squeaking in the body. At 10.45mm, it’s not really the slimmest tablet on the market but for $200, nothing can beat this in terms of build quality and design.

In terms of battery, Nexus 7 comes with 4325 mAh battery which isn’t user replaceable (we’ll have a look at its timing in upcoming page). Talking about what is missing from Nexus 7, first thing that comes into the mind is rear camera. Google obviously dropped it to save end cost and I don’t think a rear camera is really needed in tablets. Second thing that everyone is missing is expandable memory; there is no SD card slot. As I mentioned earlier, Nexus 7 is more of a content consumption device and this is the era of cloud storage so you don’t really need much local space.

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