Google Nexus 7 Review


When it comes to making a cheap device, companies usually skim on the display but this is not the case with Nexus 7. It comes with a very high quality IPS display with LED backlighting and 1280 x 800 resolution. The display is advertised to be covered with corning glass for scratch resistance.

The 7-inch display has 216 ppi, which is a bit below Apple’s iPad (264 ppi) and makes everything looks really sharp. You can’t see individual pixels until you see real closely (which most of us usually never do). The text looks ultrasharp and reading books or browsing web is a pleasure on Nexus 7.

The screen really isn’t up to the levels of iPad’s retina or Galaxy Nexus’ Super Amoled but it offers pretty amazing viewing angles which makes it easier when you are showing pictures to someone sitting next to you. This is a major issue with most of the budget oriented tablets. Though colours are a bit washed out as compared to other devices and direct sunlight legibility isn’t good either.

Overall, it’s one of a kind and for such an amazingly priced tablet; you shouldn’t be complaining.

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