Google Nexus 7 Review


Battery is one the main selling point of portable devices these days and Nexus 7’s 4325 mAh battery is expected to perform well.

We did a couple of tests on Nexus 7 to measure its battery timing. First of all, we did casual web browsing, YouTube’ing and instant messaging over WiFi; that’s what tablets are usually used for.

Nexus 7 lasted for over 9 hours with browsing over WiFi. This is pretty respectable as most high-end ASUS tablets (without dock) don’t last for more than 8 hours though their latest ASUS Transformer Prime TF201 lasts for around 9.5 hours. Apple’s 3rd generation iPad offers almost same amount of battery timing as Nexus 7 over WiFi.

Next comes up the video playback test, we loaded a 720p rip of Transformers: Dark of the Moon to the built-in memory and ran it in a loop until battery fully drained out.

Nexus 7 again scored an impressive 10 hours and 53 minutes in this test. That’s a notch below 3rd generation iPad.
Battery timing of Nexus 7 is downright impressive mainly due to smaller display and highly-efficient Tegra 3 chip; it can easily last a full day of browsing, some movie watching, listening music and a little bit of gaming.

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