Google Nexus 7 Review


As mentioned earlier, Nexus 7 comes with NVIDIA’s latest Tegra 3 T30L SoC. It has four Cortex A9 cores in it. We put it against Tegra T30 based ASUS Transformer Prime, T30L based ASUS Transformer Pad TF300T and Apple 3rd generation iPad. We’ve also included Tegra 2 based ASUS Transformer; it was released back in 2011.

SunSpider JavaScript Benchmark tests the JavaScript performance. The Nexus 7 with Chrome browser performs better than every other Android tablet we tested and it also beats the 3rd generation iPad.

Rightware BrowserMark is another benchmark to test performance of the web browser.

GLBenchmark is a performance testing utility which measures graphics and computation performance on the device. It mainly test OpenGL implementation.

Quadrant is an Android benchmark which tests CPU, 3D and I/O performance of the device. It’s a widely used benchmarking utility.

All in all, Nexus 7 not only offers stellar performance for such an amazingly priced tablet but it also beats other expensive tablets like ASUS Transformer Prime and Pad TF300T. The new Tegra 3 chip makes it a very snappy device with buttery smooth interface.

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