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Google is replacing Nexus branding with Pixel branding

Google Pixel

There have been several reports in the past few weeks that Google is planning to drop the Nexus branding from their upcoming phones and go with something else. According to a latest report, that something else is nothing new but the already known ‘Pixel’ brand.

The Pixel brand has been around for a while and has two products under its umbrella; the Pixel C tablet and Pixel Chromebook. According to some reports, Google will be launching two phones this year and they will be called Pixel and Pixel XL. As obvious from the name, the Pixel will be smaller 5-inch device codenamed ‘Sailfish’ while the bigger 5.5-inch ‘Marlin’ device will be called Pixel XL. From what we know at this point, both the devices will be made by HTC however their branding won’t be anywhere on the device.

The fate of Nexus brand in unclear at the moment but one worrisome thing is that the Pixel brand is known for pricey products. Both the Pixel C tablet and Pixel Chromebook are at the top-end of their respective product segments in terms of price. On the other hand, Nexus brand is known to carry products which are not only well built and have good specifications but also come at a reasonable price point. We hope that the Pixel and Pixel XL phones are not priced like the other two products.

One thing where Pixel brand is unbeatable is its hardware design. Both the Pixel C and Pixel Chromebook have an industrial design built with very high quality materials.


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