Google Play Store with Material Design update pictures leaked

At the Google I/O conference this year, we saw a preview of the upcoming Android L update. There is plenty to love about Android L from its performance enhancements to improvements made on the battery life. But perhaps the most exciting bit about Android L is the new Material Design. With Material Design, Google is shifting its focus to an interface that is significantly more colourful, more bold looking and just a whole lot more playful than it ever did. We love what we have seen of Material Design so far. And today we get to see a bit more. Pictures of a revamped Google Play Store with Material Design language have been leaked.

play store

Interface changes will be immediately noticeable to anyone who has or currently uses an Android phone. Everything is more colourful and more immersive. Developers will be able to use hero images, which are like cover photos appearing in the background. These hero images can be in the form of videos, if the content in question is a movie or an expanded header in case of a book or magazine.

play store ii

The same design language can be seen on the smartphone. Hero images dominate the app page whenever they are used. It doesn’t look as if these hero images serve any functional purpose. But it cannot be denied that from a visual perspective the app page looks cleaner than it currently does.

Scrolling down reveals the rest of the app page, which too has received a makeover. There is more white space. Icons are more spaced out and typography has been improved as well.

play store iii

It’s difficult to tell whether this design will make its way to the final build of Android L or not. The release is still a few months away and Google has not yet updated all built-in apps for the new interface. Even if what we have seen is not final, we cannot deny that Google is moving in the right direction as far as design is concerned.

Source: Android Police


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