Grand Theft Auto: Madrid, a remake of the GTA 5 trailer

Ever wonder what GTA 5 would look like as a movie?  Thanks to a Spanish group of filmmakers, Zapruder Pictures, now you can see exactly what a Grand Theft Auto movie would actually be like. By recreating the GTA 5  game trailer from their hometown, Madrid, they made an incredible replica of the video with details nearly down to the bone! Ranging from the proper attire of the characters, to the car chases and helicopter scenes, they created an astounding real life remake.

GTA 5 Madrid_1

A real life remake of GTA 5’s trailer

I have always wanted to see what GTA 5 would look like in real life, thanks to Zapruder Pictures, now I can. I could not believe the detail they had put into the video, even though some was just special effects, it was still highly impressive.  Apparently, I wasn’t the only one who really enjoyed Zapruder Picture’s video, Rockstar tweeted about the video, describing the video as “Awesome!”. Zapruder Pictures has also made similar videos to other game franchises such as Max Payne and Call of Duty. They also have videos showing you the behind the scenes of each video, although they are in Spanish.

After seeing the video being in placed in Madrid, it made me aware of how interesting it would be to see a Grand Theft Auto game set in a different country. I know, it probably would never happen, but could you just imagine how sensational if would be if we had say, Grand Theft Auto: London, Grand Theft Auto: Tokyo, or anywhere out of the United States for once. It seems as though we don’t have a lot of open world action-adventure games that are set out of the United States. The only one that comes to mind is “Sleeping Dogs”. I think it would really grasp people’s attention if Rockstar, or anyone, would try it out.


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