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Heathstone’s druid class is finally getting nerfed!

Ever since the launch of the Knights of the Frozen Throne expansion pack, competitive play in Hearthstone has seen utter dominance by the Druid class. This led to many fans complaining, and Blizzard has finally answered their calls with some much needed nerfs to the class.

The first change comes to the class defining card of Innervate. Instead of giving a player two mana crystals in a turn, it’ll now only be giving one. This means it now works similarly to The Coin or Rogue’s Counterfeit Coin. This change will make druid decks less flexible in the early game, and it will slow down the tempo of early game aggressive decks.

The other change to the druid class is to that of the card Spreading Plague. This card creates 1 attack, 5 health scarabs in a form of defensive maneuver to slow down other aggro decks. The card was on of Druid’s most successful cards, and has now been changed to cost 6 mana instead of the usual 5 mana. This means that druid players will be further slowed down in dealing with aggressive opponents.

The keen eyed may notice that there hasn’t been a nerf to infamous Ultimate Infestation card, which provides a huge late game boost. But according to Blizzard, the card remains untouched as it’s effectiveness is already diminished due to the changes to the other cards. Some top players however, think that the card is still too strong.



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