HTC Android Wear smartwatch to be square shaped according to render

An HTC Android Wear smartphone is what a lot of people have been hoping for. So far though the Taiwanese company has remained quite on the matter, only stating that they are interested in making a smartwatch. This year with the release of Android Wear, we have seen several different manufacturers announce their respective watches running this platform. LG and Samsung have already put their watches up on sale. With a square shape they don’t really excite as much as, say, the circular Moto 360. So how exciting is a HTC Android Wear smartwatch? Judge for yourself courtesy this leaked render.

htc android wear

Ignore the fake interface on the watch. The watch however is the real deal. It is a render, but it’s based on the actual product. HTC will follow LG and Samsung with a square shaped watch, leaving Moto 360 as the only (so far) watch with a circular display. That is not to say that the HTC watch looks bad. In fact it looks like a huge improvement over the watches from LG and Samsung. The steel built strap looks better than the generic looking strap on other watches. The watch itself looks to be built out of higher quality materials.

We expect HTC to unveil its first smartwatch later this year. By that time Apple will also have, or would be closer to unveiling its very own iWatch. The competition, needless to say, will be extremely tough. It will be interesting to see if HTC can offer a unique feature or two over the current crop of Android Wear watches. Google has the software aspects of the watch pretty much locked down, so any form of innovation will most likely take place on the hardware front.

Are you excited about this watch or are you satisfied with Samsung and LG’s offerings.

Source: Evleaks


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